A gathering of women

Often in isolation and with minimal resources women find it a challenge to rise in any society and need to work ten times as hard to begin to be recognized.  The art of writing – creative writing workshops for newcomer women is an initiative by the government of Ontario, in which women gather together and release their creativity in the safety of like minded women.   Our gathering is guided by a real warrior (Dr. Althea Prince.)  One instantly knows this is a winning group, led by a lady who does not know defeat.  Dr. Althea has an impressive biography and she very obviously is a selfless giver, always helping through empowering those who feel helpless or need encouragement.

We are of all shapes and sizes, colours, ages and backgrounds, but we are all brought together by that thing we all share: ‘woman,’ and the thing we all hope to find ‘creative writing.’  Dr. Althea has gathered us to bring our voices out, to tell our stories and maybe we leave that much richer and empowered than when we came in.  The consequence for those of us who do not achieve the finish line is yet unknown, but I have a strong feeling we will all come out winners on one level or another, if not by choice then by encouragement and support.

There are some of us who are new to Toronto, others renewed, and others simply lost or a combination of all of the above.  Some of us speak clearly and it is obvious that some of us have lost our voice.  Among women, women are safe, supported and rarely judged.  This is the perfect atmosphere to detangle all inhibition and let truth and creativity flourish.  I remain unsure as to what will surface but I am certain it will be well received.  Maybe reality infused fiction, maybe a novel cry for help, or even a funny genera that can only be told by a woman.  Whatever the outcome, I am certain a woman or some women will have broken free of some chains, if not forever then for that day she will be free and heard.

Fortunately or unfortunately I have no horror to retell or injustice to fight, but that may be because I am a person generally at one with my life.  Acceptance is a gift and through it one is able to achieve much more because the options are multiplied once the obstinance has been removed.  Perhaps I need to dabble with fiction and make up my own drama or perhaps what is rosy in my eyes is thorns to others.  Interpretation is an individual lens and I can’t wait to start letting my voice out of the coma it has spent its life in.

Today I pray that every woman, man and child on every patch of this planet speak from the heart and touch someone’s heart.


Be blessed


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