I’m sorry my child

How can I justify this to you

I read in the news today that they are going to mass their air power and go after the bad guys, I totally agree that they should, but you my child, I don’t know what to tell you.  You did not choose to be born, nor did you choose your parents or religion.  This land of ruins where you live has already been horrible to you, and now this.  The bombs that will fall, will they fall on you?  How can I explain to you that it isn’t your fault, you didn’t do anything to deserve this and all of us can only watch.  I wish my hand could reach yours, and pull you out hide you in my bosom until its all over, but I can’t.  I’m writing to you and I know you may not be able to read, and probably will never see my post, but I’m putting it out there for you.  I want to declare my innocence from a deed that could hurt you and tell myself I warned you.


The world is a real mess and although we adults have found our path and although we struggle we are able to bear most of what is thrown at us.  We make our choices and bear the consequences, mostly.  What have you done?  What can you do?  I’m so sorry.  I have a son, a beautiful son, that I protect with all my being, but I am here living in comfort and able to give him that.  I wonder, if I were there and your mother what would I have done?  Probably dug the ground and buried both of us as deep as I possible could to hide from the bombs.  Probably screamed all day while rocking you in my arms hoping for a miracle.  Probably got down on my knees and prayed as hard as I could that the bomb would miss us.  I would have done all of that, and I’m sure your mom is already fighting harder for you than I ever could.  I hope you’re safe and I hope when its all over and you see the sun again you can forgive the world.  Know that just as there are bad guys, and guys trying to kick the &*% of the bad guys, there are people like me.  People who care and don’t want you to get hurt.  I hope that helps you not give up hope and turn into a bad guy, because you feel you were dealt a rough hand.  You my child will be a nail in all our coffins for we could not help you, we could not shelter you from the misery of this world.




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