Inception to Realization


A dream is a vision that is born in your mind and then grows in your heart with the promise of somehow making you and your life better. A dream is not some illusive fantasy or impossible goal; like say, becoming a dragon; that’s just silly and a waste of your imagination. There are components to every dream, a purpose and a direct link to the dreamer, so in that respect most of our dreams should be achievable; I say should and most because assuming everything and everyone can achieve a result is naïve. Think of a dream as your own mind’s spring. It’s the time that the promise of fruitfulness is given, a time when all that was buried or in hiding has the optimal environment to surface. Nature has always used spring to give birth and start new relationships, so why not our dreams?

Without dreaming we become hollow and mechanical, robots if you like. We succumb to whatever is pulling us, be it a job, dredge of life or whatever is tying you down. Many of our cultures teach us that dreaming is a bad thing, a waste of time, something we can’t achieve because most of us dream outside of our narrow cultural and social path. I say RUBBISH! No one has the right to tell you what colors to use to paint your life, or how to draw that tree, or how much you are permitted to achieve. I have always been a dreamer; my mind is on accelerated dream mode. So much so, that I probably come up with a dream on an hourly basis, and they are always life changing dreams. To me dreams are the antidote of stagnation, which is a death sentence in my eyes. Nothing stands still, why should I? Water becomes stagnant when it is confined or limited; this makes it a perfect place for infestation by bacteria and parasites   thus ending its role in being a vital source of nourishment and life. Today so many people suffer anxiety and stress and depression; I say from stagnation and the shackling of dreams. Sometimes life kicks us so hard we have a minor concussion and our dreams are delayed, but just like that stagnant water a path will always be found and dreams will find their way back to the ocean.

Dreams are not concrete and this will give everyone around you an uneasy feeling because they are not you and can’t see or feel what you do. Be prepared to battle for your dream, because in the beginning it is a baby, your baby and needs your protection. What kind of a parent would you be if you gave up your child because of the challenges? Every dream I had I fought for, argued my logic which made no sense to those listening to me and sometimes I lost people or things in pursuit of my dreams. Your conviction must be so strong and your faith so unwavering if you are ever to achieve. You can’t have a dream and let everyone and everything take a bite of it by modifying it, or crush it by dismissing you as able to achieve it.

When you have a dream make sure its clear in your mind. Don’t treat dreams in a juvenile fashion and say; “I wish” this or that. A dream is not a wish! A wish is something you don’t always control and want fleetingly most of the time. A dream is an achievement that you control. Look at the outlines of your dream; see the colors that fill those outlines. See yourself in it and capture that image so its the ‘screen saver’ of your thoughts, that way you will always be reminded to go for it. Have a chat with your dream, ask it questions and give it answers. If you have a conversation with your dream you will be better equipped to achieve it. Your mind will automatically work against you in this conversation and play the role of your dream and make it look hard or impossible for you to achieve; it will put all the obstacles up for you, which will in turn prepare you for the battle of logic and reason when people question the validity of your dream. Don’t be weak and don’t succumb to your own lack of conviction in your abilities. Take note of your conversation and expand the boundaries of your dream.

Evaluate yourself. So you had the conversation with your dream you know what it is and many of the elements of it, now ask yourself; can I do it? What skills or abilities do you have that will enable you to achieve your dream, and what do you need to acquire? Don’t say “I don’t. . .? Say instead I can learn or get. Find the tools you need to achieve and start sharpening your talents. Do what you can, give it your best and believe in the result of your effort, but don’t delude yourself; know your own limits. I for example, can’t do anything with numbers so although everything in life requires a level of math I choose the simple equations because these are my limits. Don’t let your psyche bite off bits of your dream with negative thoughts, tell yourself: “I will give it my best and the outcome is mine.” No one owns your dream therefore no one can take it or judge it, your choice your responsibility, but always respect yourself and those around you. Your dream is yours but the world isn’t so when carving that dream make sure you are a positive part of the big picture that is our world.


Be Blessed