Integrate or Irritate?

The world has abolished its borders and today we are a colourful mix of people, so much so that we have created ‘third culture generations.’  People born of parents from different countries, born in one place, raised in another and sometimes becoming nationals of yet another country.  So if my mom is Egyptian, my dad Sudanese, I was born in the UK and a national of Canada, who am I?  A global citizen who will never join the army!

Having lived in more than seven countries and traveled to even more, I never identify myself as being from anywhere.   I am where I am at the moment that I am there, and so on.  It always surprises me when I go to places like China Town, Korea Town, or whatever town in any  country that is not China, Korea or whatever.  What is your point?!  Ok lets bring culture to the world through bringing our own and sharing it.  I totally approve and encourage that, but it has become a problem today in many modern societies.

Take for example Toronto, we have amazing diversity and some of the most amazing ambassadors from all over the world, but. . . Regardless of how hard this city tries to integrate many people, some people are simply unwilling to shift.  There are some people who live and work here that don’t speak English or French!  How do they manage?  They work with their native language with their native people.  I am personally not sure whether that is laziness, stubbornness or simple disrespect.  Disrespect for this land that accepted to be your home, that you will at some point need to communicate with in its own language and share with it your knowledge.  

So lets ask ourselves honestly have we really integrated or simply dragged bits of what we left to recreate it someplace else?  Is it better to let go of where you came from and be absorbed into where you are or is it better to gradually erase the identity of where you choose to bring your world?

I personally believe we need colour in the world and with every new hue the rainbow of life becomes more and more vibrant, but please beware hue bearers not to spread your hues so wide that you do not see the other colours or worse still, that you cover them completely.

Be blessed